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Happilyfred's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
Sept. 9, 1983
Interested In:
Men, Women
Alberta, Canada
Last Broadcast:
8 minutes
Body Type:
Average / slim
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
One epic tattoo and one poorly chosen tattoo
Pics & Videos:
Sexy undies
Wet panties
About Me:

Super new to this, and pretty shy. I've got a bit of a sailors mouth and am pretty sarcastic so if you need someone to be gentle with your fee fee's probably not the right room to be in. Also don't know how this twitter wizardry works, but I made an account so you pervs can see when I'm on. HappilyFred.

Fred FAQ:

- No, I don't have a boyfriend/husband or kids. Kids are gross and marriage is for people who don't know any better.

- Yes, I can squirt but I can't do it solo, no matter how hard I've tried.

- No, I don't really have any toys. I'll look into getting one, but I'm a cheap motherfucker and would probably rather spend the cash on snowboarding.

- Holy shit! HTML coding for my bio! All those hour spent on making my Neopets page PERFECT in junior high seem to be paying off here haha.

Couple of tips to make sure everyone (particularly me!) has a good time.

1. The name is Fred. Not hun, beautiful, babe (fucking HATE babe or baby) etc...especially not slut or whore. I know some ladies like name calling, but I'm not one of 'em. That being said, just because I'm not into something doesn't mean I'll judge you. Go ahead and ask for foot shots, video of me taking a leak etc. I might not get off on it but I get that others do and I can accommodate most of that type of stuff without feeling too weird about it. To each their own!

2. I'm not here to make bank, and as such won't do things I really don't like just for tips. I can almost guarantee I'm not going to spank myself on the bum, or put anything in my bum. If I can convince one of my FWB's to join me for a show these are the types of things I like having done *to* me, so you might get to see it that way. At this point the shyness also precludes me talking (moaning is a different story though!) and full, up in your face vagina shots.

3. Did I mention I'm extra submissive? If I'm not doing much when broadcasting, I'm probably pretty nervous and would appreciate instructions. To be honest, the best way to get me relaxed and putting on a good show would be to find one dominant guy in chat to PM instructions. I don't know how to go about setting that up, or picking who it is. Just a thought. I really wish there was some way I could hear audio from you guys...I respond VERY well to voice commands.

Services Fred Offers:

1. I really really like private or password shows. Group chat is fun, but as a submissive, I like getting detailed directions from one person.

2. I just found out what the GFE is. I can totally do that! I love texting and flirting on the phone, and I have heaps of time to kill at work most days. Dunno how that works - upfront tokens for a predetermined number of texts or something? Someone fill me in on how that works.

Wish List: giftcards are neat. As are MEC giftcards (gotta get that sweet, sweet splitboard somehow!).

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