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Lillyth's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
May 3, 1985
Interested In:
Men, Women, Couples
United States
Last Broadcast:
5 hours, 11 minutes
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
4 Tattoos
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

All video stream and chat log is property of Best Free Cams Online and the broadcaster. Any and all unauthorized use of pictures and videos is illegal and will result in legal action.

I always have a public room goal running. If goal is reached only those who have tipped will be able to enjoy the show. This is to prevent further pirating of my video stream.

I'm 5'3" with 32 DDD chest. I have naturally blonde hair. Shaved everywhere! I love being outdoors, and anything artistic. I do have 4 tattoos, 3 of which I did the designs for. No piercings though. I love being different so don't be surprised if I have in creepy contacts, wear costumes, or such.

YES, my boobs are real. NO they do NOT hurt my back so quit asking! They are NOT a handicap! I find clothes and bras quite easily and when I am dressed they do not appear as big as when they are being shown on cam. Also, my boobs are just big because they are big, it's called genetics. They do NOT produce dairy! I am a slim girl with boobs a little bigger than most girls my size have so they appear bigger than they actually are.

The ONLY mod I allow in my room is BlueTorus as he is my hubby. If you disrespect him you are disrespecting me and will get perma-banned from my room and profile. He is on here to keep rude and obnoxious people in line. So behave yourself and you will be fine. But get nasty, rude, or demand stuff, post sexual gifs, or spam in my room and you will get banned for life. NO TOLERANCE FOR ASSHOLES!

You MUST respect my room and all guests or else you get booted. Do NOT ask for freebies! If I say no, that means NO! That doesn't mean to keep bugging me.

Do NOT ask me to smoke a fucking cigarette!!! I do NOT smoke, my father died from smoking those fucking things and I will BAN you immediately if you tell me to fucking smoke! I have no tolerance anymore for this disgusting, murderous fetish!

I do play with toys of various sizes, both penetration and oral shows but absolutely NO anal. No BDSM, torture, pain play, etc.

I CANNOT do private messages. For some reason they freeze my room and I have to log off and restart. So, NO PM's!

My boobs are awesome! Just so ya know!

I have reinstated my Amazon Shopping list. Just click the link below. I only accept gifts of appreciation. I will NOT trade shows or videos for gifts!

But the most important rule of all: Have fun and for heaven's sake CHAT!!! Don't just lurk in the corner. I love conversation and it keeps things fun. I love to joke around and be silly.

I am the QUEEN of snark! I love trolling back at trolls or anyone who acts like a fool in my room. If you are easily offended and get butthurt, then my room is NOT for you! I am uncensored and do not apologize for what comes out of my mouth! If you troll, be prepared to have your ass handed to you!

Wish List:

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