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Lucywants's Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
💖Goddess Lucy💖 [email protected]
Birth Date:
Dec. 17, 1992
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Chaturbate 💦💻 that is ALL you need to know. DON'T ASK ABOUT LOCATION OR MEETING
Last Broadcast:
2 days, 7 hours
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
Body Decorations:
Lucy has one tattoo of Earth 🌎
Pics & Videos:
About Me:

I'm the kinky horny Goddess of your fantasies! I am experienced with Femdom and a WIDE variety of fetishes. A few (of many) things in particular that make Me super wet are fucking men with strap-ons, feminization, and emasculation. I am a sadist... your whimpering and squirming are My indulgence :)

That is not all: I also do things other than domination (who here likes balloons?) and I have fun playing with them... the only way way to know is asking! And while I'm familiar with a lot of things I have no problem admitting when I'm not! I also love a pleasurable mutual masturbation session in private... I can cum OVER and OVER very quickly and I love it! Do you want to see waves of pleasure running through this pussy?

Talk to me about what you have in mind before entering private! Trust me, it will make it better for both of us if I have an understanding of what you are looking for your unique perspective on it if you can give one, or you see an aspect of your fetish or a specific way to play with it that really makes it work for YOU, I really wanna know! I wanna know your weakness in detail...

In general, whether for pvt or tips, I value CLEAR and OPEN communication.

Yes I can call you and talk about whatever you want. I love dirty talk, and the phone is really an outstanding way for us to experience that together because we can hear each other immediately instead of having a delay like cam. I also enjoy real conversations. Whether you want to fap or just chat, I'm up for it lol! As always, talk to me about what you have in mind first. All you have to do is enter private and give me your phone number.

Yes, I can watch your cam in private only.

Usually I do shows with a tip menu and goal. Type /menu to see options for all the fun we can have!

1. If you make demands don't be surprised if you get banned without warning! (this includes paying some random amount of tokens and assuming I will do what you want lol) Hint: is there a tip menu? If there isn't or it doesn't have what you're looking for, COMMUNICATE FIRST.
2. We need to discuss what you have in mind for pvt either in PM or chat before trying to start private.
3. If anyone does not respect the choices I make or even so much as reminds me of a troll, time waster, bullshitter or anyone else trying to get in the way of our fun ;) I can always ban without warning at my discretion.
4. JUST STOP talking about meeting face to face. Y'all know that is not why I get on here. I don't want to engage in these conversations during my camming time.

For submissive hopefuls concerning My title:
If you call Me Mistress I will know you have not read this. Address Me as Goddess.

What is your sexual orientation?
I am pansexual, meaning attraction regardless of gender or attraction to all genders.

If you are a Domme why are you so *insert adjective here* sometimes?
I consider playing the dominant role to be my kink and an art, rather than an identity that tells me that I "can't" do certain things or be a certain way. I feel free to do what I want in any given moment, rather than trying to fit a stereotype. I do what I want, whether that means following my intuition and imagination, or some external inspiration such as the many books I read about my interests. For me BDSM is a game that I enjoy on a sexual and sensual level, as well as an intellectual and imaginal one. I believe that having a shared recognition that we are human beings on one level is a foundation for amazing D/s experiences on another level. Plus there are other things I am open to doing on cam that aren't related. IF you want to feel that controlling energy, identify yourself as submissive. Address Me properly as Goddess or Goddess Lucy. Confess your weaknesses and keep the tokens flowing.

Do you take it up the butt? Do you play the submissive role?
No, essentially these are my 2 limits.