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Jan. 29, 1982
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Men, Women, Trans, Couples
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9 hours, 13 minutes
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Regular smoker/Never
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Squirt all over my legs :D
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About Me:

Special THANK you to all my dearest FANS! Guys, i really do appreciate your support and encouragement! Especially my old fans who share with me goods and bads and stay with me no matter how hard life is...Its more than porn;) and those who know me pretty good understand what i mean :)
You are the best guys! Luv ya! Thank you! muahhhh

NOW let's see about me:

If you arrived here, consider yourself a lucky man, because in the next few moments I'll quide you to unique moments, this could bring into your life so much joy, so much passion, beauty and maybe change the angle of your life..because here is the RIGHT place where You must Be, if you decide to pass to my Private Universe

I can show you different aspects, the only things you have to do is to relax, open your mind, and feel in safe because is a warm place where many and different subjects could be developed..I can be your most passionate love.... the best friend which you never had in your entire life..and will be always here for you any time you need..I can even advice you in many areas of your life when you feel uncertain and dont know what to do some and me, together we can discover all the aspects of our sexuality...we can live a magic which will never end.....

But let's come back for a short time to reality, before to make the next step. I try to do much more easier this connection to not waste this precious time of mine and yours too, because could be some of you men which are not yet prepared for such things...

I will let you( men which are not yet prepared to come into my Universe) know few simple aspects which will keep you away from me maybe forever, if you don't consider them importat ( will mean you don't respect me and either you don't respect yourself, be a gentleman and you will win the treasure of your life :

1. Anything in life has a price, the price is not always in money, but now the price is also in money and not only.
All the ladies from here, offer you different ways of pleasure and fun, but don't forget this major aspect that we don't make this for free, being a way of living for most of make sure you have enough finances if you want unique and quality moments with me and don't stay to much in free chat asking me some stupid things or expecting me to show you some intimate parts of my body for free(except the ones i already show as i feel like)....because you might be banned forever......Make sure you set our time alone in PRIVATE ..with intimacy and our rules.My private is ALWAYS ON ,feel free to click on it without any announcement to me.

2. Make sure you are in the right place, I'm not a machine, if you want see only a moving body, then again you are in the wrong place.

3. I'm not complicated, I'm very easy, kind and open mind, but we are not animals, even if many of men which come here, are not so much different than animals in their behavior and their thinking...we suppose to let's behave like this..use your brain too...don't forget about Respect, Manners, Honesty and of course my Rules, if you have these with you, then we can move forward, if not, then the other girls are waiting you, don't waste your time and mine's very simple.

Ok..are you still here? If yes then mean you are much closer by treasure and I will let you know few tips how to become much more closer...
The treasure is so big and can offer you many things, even secrets which will quide you to the promised land, The treasure could fulfil your deepest desires.

Will open the gate to my love and I'll let you fly into my magical Universe, come settle with me and let us be neighbours to my stars. I am the ocean and its turbulent flood, come merge with me, leave all behind...close your eyes, relax....and let your Imagination and your Feelings run Free.....Welcome to my world, to my abyss of magnificent, passionate and turbulent love.......
Love You

When everything has left you
You are alone...
When you left everything behind
That's solitude...

But now You find Me...
Break the chains of your imprisonment
I am present Only for You....

I love you with all I am
And all I'll ever be....
You are my moon, my sun and stars
My earth, my sky, my sea....
Our Love will make Time dissapear

I Desire you more than food or drink
My body, my senses, my mind hunger for your taste
I can sense your presence in my heart.....
Although you belong to all the world
I wait with silent Passion for one gesture, one glance from You....

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